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  • Chris Little - Presenter

    Chris Little - Presenter

    Chris is one of our main presenters at the Automation Village, bringing a highly creative element to each production. He has been with Trihedral since 2007. In addition to serving VTScada customers in Ontario and Quebec, he serves as Trihedral’s media relations representative and also the company's communications expert, producing a variety of marketing resources including webinars, articles, press releases, and brochures. His articles have been featured in numerous print and online water/wastewater...
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  • Dave Spencer - Presenter

    Dave Spencer - Presenter

    Dave is one of our main presenters at the Automation Village. He is the guy behind much of our technical content such as the LaunchPad challenge to name just one! He received his degree in Mechanical Engineering in 2008 and began his career designing electromechanical transmission and communication components for military and renewable energy applications. In 2016, Dave transitioned into the automation industry at Trihedral headquarters in Bedford, Nova Scotia, where he is a key member of the global...
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  • Natashia Lutz - Presenter and Media Coordinator

    Natashia Lutz - Presenter and Media Coordinator

    Natashia is both a presenter and significant behind-the-scenes media coordinator that keeps our shows, events and other key items on track here at the Automation Village. She spent most of her life living and enjoying Nova Scotia. She has held previous positions in the health care field. Wanting new opportunities, she returned to Business College and ended up accepting a temporary position with Trihedral in 2010. Her valuable contributions led quickly to her becoming a permanent member of the Sales...
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  • Pete Diffley - Producer and Presenter

    Pete Diffley - Producer and Presenter

    Pete is the producer and a presenter of the Automation Village and is based in Charlotte, North Carolina, having moved from Ireland in 2014. He joined Trihedral at the end of 2019, as leader of the Marketing Team, bringing with him over 30 years experience in the automation industry, most recently being the Director of Systems Engineering Solutions for Xylem. During this time, he worked closely with Trihedral on the development of the screen templates and interfaces for the MultiSmart Intelligent...
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  • Pam Moss - Presenter of DataWave

    Pam Moss - Presenter of DataWave

    Pam Moss is a gem and is our regular contributor to the Automation Village, now residing in our DataWave slot each month. Thank you Pam!

    Many will know her through her extensive career along with her membership of various organizations. She is an Application Development Manager for Claros Software Solutions for Hach and has been with the company for 12 years. She has served in several roles during her years with Hach:
    • Regional Sales Manager for the Carolinas
    • Project Sales Manager
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