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Komatsu to develop “Zero-emission equipment”


  • Komatsu to develop “Zero-emission equipment”

    Komatsu says it will collaborate with its customers – most notably perhaps Rio Tinto – to develop “zero-emission equipment” solutions for the mining industry.
    Komatsu, which is a leading supplier of mining vehicles, including an autonomous dump truck, says it plans to utilize electrification for the next generation of its offerings.
    Working together to rapidly innovate in support of carbon reduction targets, Komatsu and several of its customers have formed the Komatsu Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Alliance. The founding members of the alliance are Rio Tinto, BHP, Codelco and Boliden.
    Through the alliance framework, Komatsu’s GHG partners will work directly with Komatsu to actively collaborate on product planning, development, testing and deployment of the next generation of zero-emission mining equipment and infrastructure.
    Komatsu says it will collaborate with its customers – most notably perhaps Rio Tinto – to develop “zero-emission equipment” solutions for the mining industry. Komatsu, which is a leading supplier o…
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