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PWN2OWN Miami 2022 Results


  • PWN2OWN Miami 2022 Results

    An Event, Pwn2Own Miami 2022 has wrapped up, and it was an amazing three days of competition. The Event, run by The Zero Day Initiative (ZDI) pitches researchers against Critical Infrastructure Software and Control Systems to try and find vulnerabilities in real-time on a stage. In total, $400,000 was awards for 26 unique 0-day Exploits (plus a few bug collisions).

    A zero-day vulnerability is a vulnerability in a system or device that has been disclosed but is not yet patched. An exploit that attacks a zero-day vulnerability is called a zero-day exploit.

    Because they were discovered before security researchers and software developers became aware of them—and before they can issue a patch—zero-day vulnerabilities pose a higher risk to users for the following reasons:
    Cybercriminals race to exploit these vulnerabilities to cash in on their schemes

    Vulnerable systems are exposed until a patch is issued by the vendor.

    Zero-day vulnerabilities are typically involved in targeted attacks; however, many campaigns still use old vulnerabilities.

    The Zero Day Initiative (ZDI) was created to encourage the reporting of 0-day vulnerabilities privately to the affected vendors by financially rewarding researchers. At the time, there was a perception by some in the information security industry that those who find vulnerabilities are malicious hackers looking to do harm. Vendors 120 days are allowed.
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